I'm a full stack developer interested in making beautiful and curious things with code. My background revolves around working in high-tech, high-stress roles for companies that make money by being creative.
Picture of Matthew Curtis pretending to rock climb

Matthew Curtis
Austin, TX




Comfortable In

  • ES6+
  • React
  • Vue
  • Angular
  • Node
  • Express
  • Webpack
  • Grunt

Experienced In

  • regl
  • WebGL
  • D3
  • Canvas
  • Web Audio
  • Espruino
  • WebVR

Interested In

  • Pixi
  • P5
  • GreenSock
  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Parcel
  • Koa


Comfortable In

  • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Sass (SCSS)
    • CSS Animations
    • Bootstrap
  • Python
    • Flask
    • MicroPython
  • Git/GitHub

Experienced In

  • The Internet of Things
  • Chrome Extensions
  • PHP
    • Silex
    • Twig
  • Java
  • Firebase
  • C

Interested In

  • Swift
  • Electron
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Virtual Reality
  • Processing
  • openFrameworks
  • EdTech
  • Open Source

General Life

Comfortable In

  • Reading Novels
  • Audio Engineering
  • Coldbrew Coffee
  • Hiking
  • Building Things

Experienced In

  • Bicycle Repair
  • Vegetable Gardening
  • Art Appreciation
  • Listening to NPR
  • Maker Culture

Interested In

  • Digital Art
  • Skateboarding
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Oil Painting
  • Freedom of Information


Calculator app make with React JS

Google BrandLab

During my internship at Uncorked Studios, I was on the Google BrandLab project - a physical installation at Google’s Mountain View campus that uses a combination of web technologies and Google-specific technologies to create a beautiful yet utilitarian part of the facility. I helped to maintain the code, participated in client meetings, and researched opportunities to improve the project.

Darknet data visualization

Map the Dark

At DarkOwl, I was the lead developer of an interactive data visualization that seeks to give users a peak at what languages, topics, and domains makeup the darknet. I started by writing a program that normalized the data for the 73,000+ sites from the dark web that we have indexed. Using the compiled data, I created the interactive with a low-level, reactive WebGL abstraction and a modern JavaScript framework for the UI. As a marketing piece, extra consideration was given to SEO, ease of use, and shareability.

Microcontroller ESP8266

Full Stack with Levar

At Uncorked Studios, I played an integral role in the development of a full-stack JavaScript application that helps users quickly caption videos in a highly aesthetic and stylized way. Working on a collaborative team of designers and developers, I wrote a large portion of the code base, tracked and addressed new features and bugs, and helped train my peers in React best practices. We wrote the backend REST API in Node/Express, the frontend in React/Sass, and utilized IBM's Watson AI API for speech-to-text conversion.

Microcontroller ESP8266

Internet of Stuff

With a history of working with hardware, I decided to join the JavaScript & the Internet of Things Meetup group where I contributed to open source projects and prototyped a full-stack JavaScript IoT proof-of-concept (Espruino, Node, React, and React Native). Excited to try with Python, I developed an e-Ink IoT door display that collected scheduled room activity from the Google Calendar API to display upcoming events and availability (MicroPython and Flask).


Select Work Experience


2017 - Present

Devsigner (Development + Design)

I'm part of a small, agile team of developers at DarkOwl, a cyber security startup working to index and monitor malicious activity on the dark web. As the only developer specializing in the client-facing side of our product, I actively work to maintain, update, and enhance our enterprise web app to fulfill business needs and to accommodate our clientele. The tools of the trade are Angular (2.0), AngularJS (1.6), and Sass/SCSS. I also create data visualizations and contribute as a backend developer.


Uncorked Studios


Development Intern

Uncorked Studios is a creative agency specializing in the merger of digital and physical products. I was on the Google BrandLab project, an interactive and physical installation with a web-based interface. I also worked on a full-stack JavaScript app for quick video captioning (React, Sass, Node, and Express), built an IoT room schedule display with the Google Calendar API (MicroPython and Flask), and developed an interactive office map optimized for a touch TV. All while studying iOS development with Swift.


Simple Finance

2016 - 2017

Customer Relations Agent

Simple is a financial tech company in Portland, OR that's working on changing the world with better banking tools and practices. I helped customers use our app, track money, and reported bugs that anyone might run into. On my breaks I worked on developing custom Chrome extensions to make the work I was doing more efficient.



2007 - 2016

Audio Engineer

A regular at quintessential Manhattan (Le Poisson Rouge, The Bell House) and Austin (The Parish, Scoot Inn, North Door) venues, I've also worked on albums, film sets, radio shows, and corporate events. I have experienced first-hand the stress of South by Southwest, CMJ Music Marathon, and Fun Fun Fun Fest in ways most people can't imagine. I also built the website for my audio CV.



2011 - 2014

Network / System Administrator

Over the course of three years I completed a technological overhaul of Texas' largest independent bookstore. Everything from server maintenance (AIX, Linux, Windows) to workstation customization (Linux, Windows, Mac) from corporate requirements (OpenVPN, in-store and remote POS, RAID file repositories) to customer wants (guest WAPs, secure kiosks, Drupal and WordPress websites), really anything that required electricity, fell under my supervision. That for a business that runs 364 days out of the year.


Arrick Robotics

2007 - 2010

Quality Assurance Specialist

I built, tested, and shipped manufacturing robotics and modular synthesizers. While most days were spent in front of a soldering iron, voltmeter, and/or oscilloscope, I also helped manage incoming orders and trained new employees.



Free Geek

2016 - Present


Free Geek has been trying to cast a wider net with its education program, so myself and another developer are working to bring programming workshops to the organization. I wrote a course called "Introduction to Programming with JavaScript" which teaches universal programming concepts to beginners and co-wrote "Introduction to HTML & CSS" which teaches the fundamentals of web development.


CS Study Group

2016 - Present


I co-organize a Saturday morning computer science study group centered around massive open online courses (MOOC). Our first course was Harvard's CS50 where we studied core CS theory from binary to full stack web development with C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript. Now we're working through Stanford's CS193P - iOS development with Swift and Xcode.


KOOP Radio

2012 - 2013

Tech Team Volunteer

The Tech Team at KOOP is in charge of keeping the technical equipment maintained and the programming on the air. We were in charge of the servers and workstations, repaired audio equipment when needed, and made sure the station was in compliance with FCC regulations.


Independent Study



Learn How to Program PHP Curriculum

Epicodus puts its curriculum online, so I worked through their PHP course independently. It's a great crash course on PHP and SQL that has an emphasis on proper MVC structure (using the Silex framework), test-driven development (using the PHPUnit testing framework), and templating views (using the Twig templating language).


Free Code Camp


Front-End Development Certificate

Earned a certificate in Front-End Development. Built games, apps, and websites using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Went above and beyond when possible utilizing React, Sass, ES6, JSX, Webpack, and Node/NPM on many of the projects. Devoted special attention to studying design, UX, and accessibility.


Formal Education

Austin Community College

Class of 2012

AAS in Audio Engineering

Earned an associates degree in Music Business, Performance, and Technology (Magna Cum Laude) while studying audio engineering. Though I specialized in music recording and reenforcement, I also studied music business, production, event management, and audio for radio, television, and film.


Tyler Junior College

Class of 2010

AAS in Business Management

Earned an associates degree in Business Management (Magna Cum Laude) and also a certificate of proficiency in Bookkeeping. Took additional classes in Sound Design.



Matthew Curtis
Austin, TX


Thanks for stopping by - please feel free to say hello! I'm currently looking for opportunities to code for a creative company and to expand my technological horizons. I'm also always game to meet people who make, run, or do interesting things.